Purple Minion For Ever!
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Champion chart for my own personal use and anyone who is interested/needs it.

I’m pretty sure you can zoom and see them better if they’re too small. If not, I’ll fix.

Based off canon relationships. If I missed one then let me know. They’re organized alphabetically. I purposely did each individual champion because there is SO MANY CHAMPIONS that a regular relationship map is really fucking hard to follow

If something changes please let me know and I can update it.

If you’re kind of slow and don’t realize what each color means:

Blue = Friendly

Red = Enemies

Pink = Romantic

Yellow = Family

(I’m not sorry, Tristana.)

FEAR BROS, YAS. <33333

… Thanks, and you are ugly.

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First of final boss,  you have to defeat the minions!

First of final boss,  you have to defeat the minions!

LoL Roleplayer List - Grand Update


You guys know the drill, reblog if you roleplay LoL Champions, Summoners or OCs on Tumblr!

About what? The purple is replaced by the red? Or because I’m discharged? Specific when you ask.




League of Legends: Final Boss Veigar


((-screaming- OMG I NEED))

I ship you with ___________.